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Animezing Ears - Our Story

During the year 2022, with the pandemic still strong, I was searching for a hobby to get into. Scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram, I came across different anime crafts and Disney craft makers. I wanted to try my hand at creating mouse ears, but I wanted to try my hand at anime designs.
I spent the next couple of days thinking of which anime series I wanted to try first since they were so many to choose from: from popular series that just came out from the 90's and 2000's. Around this time, I was collecting Yu Yu Hakusho merch and decided that it should be the first anime to create inspired designs from
After receiving so many compliments from social media and in-person, I created a Facebook page to advertise and market my creations, which gained me my first sale of two mouse ears. Since I wanted to create only anime inspired crafts in the form of mouse ears, the name Animezing Ears was born!
In May 2022, I officially launched my site and created an Instagram page to also showcase some of my designs. Since then, I have branched out to do Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Sailor Moon and participated in my first Artist Alley three months later.
In July and August 2022, I ventured out to do some video game inspired designs with Ace Attorney and Super Mario Bros.
As I venture out to do other series, I open up requests for holidays/celebrations and in April 2023, cartoon shows. Though my main focus on different anime series, I like venturing out to try different things. It thanks to all the support that I can continue to create these designs and to venture out to different cons and fan fests to showcase my work